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Polishing Cloths and Pads

EXTEC ® Poly Cloth™

New! A short nap, resilient flocked fiber material coated to a polyester film backing. For final polishing of ferrous and nonferrous metals, composites, polymers, cast irons, ceramics, carbides, thermal spray coatings, electronics, and pcb's. Recommended for use with EXTEC Diamond Products and EXTEC Polishing Powders and Suspensions. Available in PSA backing.

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Fast, convenient and economical, the C-K (Clear-Kling) System uses a revolutionary clear backing that allows adhesion without adhesives. C-K discs can be applied to any platen. Select your desired C-K cloth, abrasive disc or diamond lapping film and apply to platen - it instantly adheres. When finished just lift and replace with the next item. C-K discs stay on the platen and may be used repeatedly. Available on a variety of Extec products.
PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing that is oil, water & alcohol resistant.
Cloth backing is available for most products.
Plain backing is available for most products.
Poly Back:
Extec Poly backing.
Non-metallic, magnetic compatible backing.
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Pkg/10 PSA 8.0" (203.0 mm) 
Pkg/10 PSA 10.0" (250.0 mm) 
Pkg/10 PSA 12.0" (305.0 mm) 
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