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EXTEC ® Labpress 40 - Fully Automatic Mounting Press Catalog# 10104

Advanced Automatic Mounting Press for compression mounting of material samples in thermosetting resin mounts. Includes hydraulic pumping system.

NOTE: The Labpress 40 has been discontinued.
Please see the all new Labpress 40…

Extec’s Labpress 40 is a new advanced Automatic Mounting Press for compression mounting of material samples in thermosetting resin mounts. The unit has an integral hydraulic pumping system to apply the correct pressure to a range of interchangeable molds.

The Labpress 40 is a compact unit with digital instrumentation for clear display of time and temperature. Both of these parameters can be set to give the required automatic molding cycle. The unit requires only single phase electrical power and a water supply. A water inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel.

The Labpress 40 features a compact lightweight design, integral hydraulic pressurizing system, interchangeable mold sizes in inch and metric diameters, quick and easy mold change.

The hydraulic pressurizing system is contained in the metal cabinet. It comprises a compact hydraulic pump and controller which applies pressure to a mold through an intermediate cylinder. The cylinder acts as an amplification stage so that pressure applied to the mold is adequate to mold all currently used compression mounting materials. A control valve is fitted below the front control panel and can be adjusted for molding a particular resin.

The Labpress 40 can be configured with 1"; 1 ¼"; 1 ½"; 25mm; 30mm; and 40mm mold assemblies.

  • Mold Closure:
    • Cap holding top piston, locks with bayonet fitting, sealing mold.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Unit:
    • Compact Hydraulic Pump and Controller to Adjust Pressure; (in bar) Intermediate cylinder moving lower piston out of mold. Pressure Safety Valve
  • Molding Pressure:
    • Up to 6000 psi (Mold 1.25")
  • Heater Block:
    • Incorporates 4/250 W Heater Cartridges with fuses for Overtemperature Protection.
  • Temperature Controller:
    • Temperature can be set up to 250° C or 480° F; K Type Thermocouple
  • Timer:
    • Digital Timer can be set to count down, 0-60 minutes.
  • Cooling:
    • Cooling water channels in heater block connected to supply through a solenoid water switch.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 14" (355mm)
    • Depth: 16" (400mm)
    • Height: 15" (380mm)
  • Weight:
    • 66 lbs. (30 kg)
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Each 40mm EXTEC Beveled Mold Assembly, 40mm
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