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EXTEC Labcut® 300E - Advanced Bench Top Abrasive Cutting Machine Catalog# 10331

EXTEC Labcut ® 300E Advanced Bench Top  Model with a high efficiency torque driven motor.

NOTE: This item has recently been discontinued. 

The Extec Labcut® 300E Advanced Abrasive Cutting Machine is a bench top model with a high efficiency torque driven motor which is manually operated and designed for 250 mm (10”) or 12” (305 mm) cutting wheels.  The maximum cutting capacity is 4-1/3” (110 mm) with a 12” (305 mm) wheel. It can be used to section a wide variety of modern materials (see Applications).

The abrasive cutting wheel is driven by a 3.8kW, 5hp motor which is complemented by Highly Efficient Torque Capabilities.  The variable speed motor operates between 1000-4000 rpm.

The machine bed has a grooved 16” x 12” (400 mm x 300 mm)  treated steel bed.

The canopy is fully transparent canopy and the cutting chamber is illuminated by an LED.  The machine has an integrated cleaning system with hose and a safety interlock switch is fitted to prevent the canopy from being opened while the cutting wheel is rotating.  The machine complies with rigorous cutting safety regulations.

An optional 16 gallon (60 liter) coolant tank with a 100u filter is fitted with a recirculating pump which floods the working area via 2 stationary and 2 flexible coolant jets.  If dry cutting is required, the coolant circulation pumped can be turned off. 



  • Grooved T-Slot Treated Cast Iron Base
  • Fully Transparent Canopy
  • Access ports on both sides of canopy to easily handle long lengths of material (Optional)
  • 2 Stationary and 2 Flexible coolant jets to flood working area (Optional)
  • Safety locking system prevents canopy from being opened while cutting wheel is rotating
  • Cutting chamber illuminated by an LED
  • Hard Steels
  • Tool Steels
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel and Nickel Alloys
  • Non Ferrous Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Composites
  • Carbide
  • Bar & Tube
  • Variable Speed 1000-4000
  • Accepts wheel diameter up to 12" (305 mm)
  • 1-1/4" (32 mm) maximum spindle diameter
  • Max Cutting Capacity 4-1/3" (110mm) with 12" (305 mm) wheel
  • 400 volts, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
  • High efficiency torque driven motor 3.8 kW, 5 hp
  • Dimensions: L 33" x W 25" x H 26"  (840 mm x 630 mm x 650 mm)
  • Weight: 300 lb (135 kg)



Extec Large Capacity Vise – Left


Extec Large Capacity Vise – Right


Extec Large Capacity Vise Set


Extec Base Cabinet with drawer and manual pocket


Extec Recirculating Coolant System 16 gal (~60 l) capacity with 100u filter


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