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EXTEC Labcut® Micro 3.0 - Variable Speed Automatic Precision Saw Catalog# 10103

Extec Labcut Micro 3.0 Variable Speed Automatic Precision Cutting Saw 3"- 9"

The Extec Labcut® Micro 3.0 Variable Speed Automatic Precision Saw featuring automatic programmable movement along the Y and Z axes and optional manual positioning movement along the X axis is designed for high precision cuts for even the most complex applications.

The EZ-TSK Touch Screen Keypad interface and joystick control all of the unit’s functions in any of the 3 cutting modes: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Up to 300 cutting programs can be stored in memory.

The speed range and cutting chamber capacity enables use in many applications with a variety of cutting wheels up to 9 inches (230mm) diameter. The cutting motion can be continuous or pulsed.

The cutting feed is controlled electronically with settings for the wheel speed, Z height adjustment and feed into the wheel along the Y axis. Intelligent feed control allows the saw to automatically control the feed to account for wheel speed and work piece resistance.  The cutting chamber is illuminated by an LED.

An intuitive display of cutting time shows the expected time to make the cut based on the parameters set.

The work piece is held by precision vises. A robust metal interior and exterior construction ensure stable and vibration free cutting.

An optional X axis table can be fitted for 2 inches of high accuracy part positioning.

An external filter / recirculation tank is available, allowing the user to easily make slow cuts with optimum cooling conditions.

The hinged transparent cover eliminates any spray outside the machine and allows easy access for clamping parts.  The cover is fitted with a safety device that stops the cutting wheel if it is opened.

  • Customizable gridded T-Slot Stainless Steel Base 210 mm x 210 mm ( 8.3" x 8.3")
  • Automatic Programmable Movement Y and Z axes
  • Manual Positioning Movement Z axis
  • Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Cutting Modes
  • 3.5" EZ-TSK Touch screen Keypad
  • Flexible coolant jets to flood working area
  • Safety locking system prevents canopy from being opened while cutting wheel is rotating
  • Cutting chamber illuminated by an LED
  • Materials: Slicing samples of metals, alloys, composites.
  • Ceramics: Slicing samples of ceramics.
  • Semiconductor: Cutting semiconductor crystals and sectioning embedded devices.
  • Pathology: Cutting bone and teeth material and preparing thin sections. Cutting embedded tissue.
  • General Physics: Mounting and slicing single crystals along a particular axis.
  • Geology: Preparing mineralogical sections of rocks.
  • Paleontology: Preparing sections of fossils in rocks.
  • Variable Speed 1000-4000
  • Accepts 3" - 9" blades and wheels
  • Max Cutting Capacity 3 Inch (77mm) with 9 Inch wheel
  • Horizontal Movement (Y Axis) 270 mm automatic
  • Vertical Movement (Z Axis) 100 mm automatic
  • Feed Speed 0.004 to 0.8 inch/s (0.1-20 mm/s)
  • Spindle 1/2" (12.7 mm)
  • Flanges 3" (75 mm)
  • 220 volts, 1 phase
  • High efficiency torque driven motor 1.1 kW, 1 hp
  • Dimensions: L24.4" x W 18" x H 29.5"  (620 mm x 470 mm x 750 mm)
  • Weight: 200 lb (~90 kg)




X-Axis Table with Manual Positioning 0.0004inch (0.01mm) Precision 

X-Axis Table with Maotorized Positioning 0.0004inch (0.01mm) Precision 


Positioning Laser



External Recirculating Coolant System 8 Gallon (30L)



Double Vise Set (Right & Left) with Screw Tightening [80 mm stroke]

Quick Action Vise Set (Right & Left) [53 mm stroke]


Extec Base Cabinet with drawer and manual pocket


Extec Shipping Crate




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