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Polishing Suspensions

EXTEC ® Final Polish A Aluminum Oxide

A specially formulated permanent suspension of 0.06 µm (Al2O3) particles with a LOW (4 pH) aqueous base for final polishing. Recommended for material that responds well in a low pH environment, alumina, ceramics, plastics, electronics.

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Fast, convenient and economical, the C-K (Clear-Kling) System uses a revolutionary clear backing that allows adhesion without adhesives. C-K discs can be applied to any platen. Select your desired C-K cloth, abrasive disc or diamond lapping film and apply to platen - it instantly adheres. When finished just lift and replace with the next item. C-K discs stay on the platen and may be used repeatedly. Available on a variety of Extec products.
PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing that is oil, water & alcohol resistant.
Cloth backing is available for most products.
Plain backing is available for most products.
Poly Back:
Extec Poly backing.
Non-metallic, magnetic compatible backing.
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6 oz (150 ml) 0.06µ(4 pH)
64 oz (1.9 l) 0.06µ(4 pH)
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